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3 *Hidden* Cloud Gaming Apps In 2024


Do you like playing games? Do you wish you could play big games without buying a costly computer or game box? Good news! You can do this with cloud gaming. Cloud gaming lets you play games that run on strong computers far away. You just see the game on your screen and control it. It’s like watching a movie, but you get to play!

In 2024, there are many cloud gaming apps that lots of people know about. But there are also some that not many people have heard of. We call these “hidden” apps. Today, we’ll talk about three hidden cloud gaming apps: Joyark, Joysak, and Funpass.

  1. Joyark

What Is Joyark?

Joyark is a cloud gaming app that lets you play many games without putting them on your device. You don’t need a strong computer or game box. You just need good internet.

How Joyark Works

  • You make an account on the Joyark website.
  • You pick how long you want to play each month.
  • You choose a game from their list.
  • The game starts right away in your web browser or the Joyark app.
  • You can play with your computer keys, a game controller, or even on your phone.

Good Things About Joyark

  • Many Games: Joyark has lots of different kinds of games.
  • Play Anywhere: You can start a game on your computer and keep playing on your phone later.
  • Save Money: You don’t need to buy a costly game box or computer.
  • Always New: Games are always up to date. You don’t have to wait for them to get better
  1. Joysak

What Is Joysak?

Joysak is another hidden cloud gaming app. It’s a bit different from Joyark. Joysak lets you play the games you already own in the cloud.

How Joysak Works

  • You make an account on the Joysak website.
  • You connect your accounts from game stores like Steam or Epic Games.
  • Joysak checks which games you own that can work with their system.
  • You can then play these games through Joysak on almost any device.

Good Things About Joysak

  • Use What You Have: Play games you already bought without putting them on your device again.
  • Try It Free: Joysak lets you test how well cloud gaming works before you pay.
  • Play on Old Devices: You can play big games even on old computers or cheap tablets.
  1. Funpass

What Is Funpass?

Funpass is the third hidden cloud gaming app we’re talking about. Funpass is all about playing games with friends and family.

How Funpass Works

  • You sign up on the Funpass website.
  • You choose a plan that fits how much you want to play.
  • You get access to a list of games that are good for groups.
  • You can invite friends to play with you, even if they don’t have Funpass.
  • You can play on your computer, phone, or even your TV.

Good Things About Funpass

  • Play Together: Most games on Funpass are meant to be played with others.
  • Easy to Join: Friends can play with you even if they don’t have an account.
  • Family Friendly: Many games are good for kids and adults to play together.
  • Works on TVs: You can easily play Funpass games on your big TV.

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