Godspunky WINTER CHRISTMAS Update !!

Howdy This is Harshit, Founder and The Owner of Godspunky Network. Today is 22, December 2022 and we are releasing the Second major Update of Godspunky Network. The Winter Christmas Update. In this Update, Many things have been changed and fixed in our network. Our only goal is to make our server India’s No.1 Server.

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What’s New –
New Winter Christmas Lobby
1. Survival
2. Lifesteal
3. Fixed Some Known Bugs
4. Reduced Lag (Especially for 2GB ram phones )
5. Now easily run on Pojav and Hello Minecraft launcher
❤️‍🔥 To Play on It, Join Discord – Click Here To Join

Thanks To all Developers 🙂
Founder Of Godspunky

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