12 New Mods/Addons To Turn Minecraft PE Into Minecraft Java Edition

Hey guys this is Harshit here today I am going to add the top 12 mods In Minecraft pe which will turn into Minecraft Java Edition. This mod is the best mod for Minecraft PE1.19.51 however these mods are also well optimized and well working on all devices like 2GB ram Phones ETC. Read this article Till the end. Also, comment on your Favorit Mod/Addon.

Hyrd Shaders 

Elective Shaders For Minecraft Bedrock Release 1.19+ Which No longer Backings Shaders From Outsiders because of RenderDragon Motor. With this I made a choice to decorate your minecraft designs. what’s more, this you can introduce on Minecraft Bedrock Release for Cell phones or Windows 10. Appreciate!

Button Hider 1.19

Have you at any point needed to make your game seem to be that you’re playing on a PC? All things considered, you’re perfectly located! With this pack, you can conceal fastens and make your game seem as though you’re playing on a PC!

This asset pack eliminates the directional buttons, or the buttons that you use to move around. Furthermore, it additionally utilizes strong strategies so it won’t break and it eliminates the stock button.

Java Inventory UI

This asset pack changes your bedrock stock ui ( both inventive and endurance) into java. This pack is great for bedrock players to feel like tgey are playing on java version . This pack works in servers, and domains and the sky is the limit from there. Tbh I didnt realize that java records are viable to bedrock lmao.

Fast Change Button

This is an addon which adds two new buttons to the in-game interface. The buttons can be used to switch faster between the different hotbar slots. It’s really useful in battles where you quickly need to change between different items such as weapons, potions, food and so on. Once you get over the learning curve I am sure this will be very helpful for PvP and similar!

JAVA Boats Crafting

Do you want to make a boat in Minecraft Bedrock in your world, but you remembered that you also need to make a wooden shovel?

Zoom Behavior MCPE

with The help of this mod you are able to do zoom in MCPE

Damage Indicator

Do you want to make your minecraft experience more of a rpg game? So, what’s missing? Damage Indicator! Yes! Some of us wanted to see the damage we deal to our enemies. This addon does the job for you.


Vanilla Deluxe Java UI

Currently It is a tool that allows you to port Java Edition GUI Containers textures easily while bringing some improvement in some basic interface. And was originally made first since autumn 2016 (Started with HUD and Java Inventory) and continued to the present day with the current features.

F1 Button 

– Java Debug Screen Addon –

Are you frustrated by the lack of information about your player and your world gave in-game? Are you frustrated that Mojang hasn’t added an actual toggleable debug screen that works on all platforms? Need not to worry as the community seems to be doing more for Minecraft Bedrock Edition than Mojang these days!

ByronDev’s Left Hand Torch

Advanced Sneak

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