FPS Counter Addon – Minecraft PE

in this blog post, we are going to show you the fps counter addon for Minecraft pe 1.19 as you all know in Minecraft java edition you will get an option of Show FPS But In Minecraft pe, you don’t get this option so this addon is help full here …

Have you at any point needed to see your FPS? provided that this is true this pack is for you! with the capacity to see your fps all the time without different projects or applications

NOTE: The FPS Counter is a Bit inaccurate when your FPS is low this will be fixed in future versions

When you have over 120 FPS The FPS Counter will turn Green
The FPS Counter wont go over 120 FPS


When you have below 10 FPS it will turn red
The FPS Counter wont go under 10 FPS

This Pack works for IOS, Android, Windows, and Xbox,
The FPS Counter Will be Capped at your Screens Refresh Rate or Hz, Meaning if your Screen Can only Render 60 Frames and the FPS Counter will say 60 If your performance is high

It counts numbers by 5s up to 60 then counts by 10s


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