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Custom 3D Totem – Minecraft PE

Hey Guys today I am going to show you a custom 3D totem of undying for Minecraft pe 1.19 as you all know you can make you own skin custom totem but today I am going to tell you can also make it 3D !!

Custom Totem Asset Pack (1.19.3, 1.18.2) is an extremely slight and basic pack that gives Minecraft emblems with your own skin. You can undoubtedly have the symbols with different shapes and plans you need. Besides, this handily introduced pack likewise upholds 3D skins with more gorgeous activity. By and large, it is an extraordinary choice for Minecrafters to upgrade their visual game insight.

The totem of undying is one of Minecraft’s most troublesome things to get. Evokers will continuously drop it on death, notwithstanding, evokers just produce in forest houses and as a component of town strikes.

The emblem permits players to keep away from death once per symbol and will streak a liveliness on the screen when utilized. The symbol gives the player half of a heart, alongside these helps.


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