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Top Best PvP Mods/Addons – Minecraft PE 1.19

Hello, guys If you are a Minecraft pocket edition player and you love to do pvp then today I am here to show you the best mods and addons for Minecraft Pe which will definitely improve your pvp skill and make you a good player !! Please read This article carefully and tell us the best addon among them …

Low Fire Resource Pack

Better Bedrock Client

Better Bedrock Client is a surface pack that improves your interactivity experience by updating UI (UI) and adding helpful mods like protection/heading hud, day/speed/mixture counter, and so forth.

Health and Damage Indicator

Before we go in detail of what the “Damage and Health Indicator” resource pack is about,I want to thank the community for the love and support. Anyway, this resource pack is focusing on a cool feature that can add a mmorpg feel for minecraft.


Dolly Texture Pack MCPE

Minecraft | Doly Texturepack Release - YouTube



Hyrd Shaders

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