Best Pvp Mods For Minecraft Pocket edition 1.20

Minecraft Bedrock Edition, had a limited modding scene compared to the Java Edition. Modding for the Bedrock Edition is typically done through add-ons, which allow you to modify some aspects of the game but don’t offer the same level of customization as mods for the Java Edition. Additionally, the availability of add-ons may vary based on the specific version of Minecraft PE, and the version you mentioned, 1.20, isn’t up-to-date with my last knowledge update.

That said, if you’re looking for add-ons or modifications to enhance your PvP experience in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can try searching for some popular add-ons created by the community. These add-ons may provide new weapons, items, and gameplay enhancements suitable for PvP. Here are some general steps to find and install add-ons:


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