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Minecraft Official Version – 1.19.51

Hey guys, as you all know Minecraft’s new version has been released which is Minecraft 1.19.51 which is a Hotfix Update in which some bugs and glitches has been fiex and some Errors like Sign in problem, and the multiplayer problem has been solved.. read this article carefully.

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.51 apk free: Minecraft 1.19.51

Minecraft PE 1.19.51 for Android with a functioning Xbox Live: compose text on hanging signs, put books on etched shelves, and meet intriguing creatures! Minecraft PE 1.19.51 Delivery There are more changes in the game world, and in Minecraft 1.19.51 players can involve the most significant open doors for their game. The engineers propose utilizing camels to go through deserts and convey objects.

Bamboo wood has turned into a material for making different things. What’s more, the etched shelves got extra properties: they don’t set off Eyewitness hinders any longer. Things Each player has needed to involve signs in the game world something like once. In Minecraft 1.19.51 they can hang such things anyplace, and the data will be perceptible.

Delightful bamboo blocks won’t just make the house more appealing however will likewise turn into a material for making different things in Minecraft 1.19.51: hanging signs, steps, and floors. In the Most unimaginable, a few blocks have likewise changed. For instance, Sculk Shrieker presently produces a sound that players will hear even a ways off of 35 blocks.

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Mobs sound One more component of the game is the capacity to pay attention to the hints of hordes. To do this, the Minecraft PE 1.19.51 player should put a head on the note block. Up until this point, a couple of sorts of horde heads are accessible for this.


Fixed an accident that could happen during ongoing interaction
Cylinders can never again reproduce moving blocks that were obliterated mid-move
Ponies can never again be pushed over Walls with Floor coverings on top (MCPE-164717)
The contact control determination screen will never again show up on Nintendo Switch
Fixed the Design Block screen so the Y esteem field can appropriately be gotten to with simply the console

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