Best Client For MCPE – Evoker Client V5

Hey, this is Harshit here today I am going to show an excellent client whose name is evoker client in this client you will get too much cool and awesome features like Minecraft to be Officially the home screen !!

Evoker BR Client can no longer increase FPS in this version because the Render Dragon engine destroyed the pack’s optimizer. But in return, this version can be said to be the best version ever because it updates many very cool things

Although this client of mine is simple and lacks many features, I promise I will update it better in future versions

This looks awesome in this home screen because of the theme in the intro menu it will similarly look like Minecraft official launcher which looks cool and fantastic you will also get many features and changes in buttons and some new options like graphics settings and many more .


Please read the instructions carefully before playing this client !! 


– Hud Screen code by VDC EzMC 9197 and Darkk#3123

– Keystrokes designed by Darkk#3123

-Start Screen Update by Darkk#3123

-Background code by Allvid Nonmi


Evoker MC (Youtuber) and Darkk#3123 (Discord) 





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