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GSit – Modern Sit (Seat and Chair), Lay and Crawl Plugin! –

This plugin allows you to sit in Minecraft in anything like stairs etc.. This is the ultimate Sit, Chair, and Lay – Plugin which allows you to sit on Stairs / Chairs! Lay / Crawl on the Ground! This Plugin contains a lot of Settings and Functions that all can be changed by you in the Plugin-Config and the Language Files.   [​IMG]

– Special Features –

100% customizable! Very good performance

Sit on every Block with “/sit” Crawl on the ground with “/crawl” Lay or BellyFlop on every Block with “/lay” or “/bellyflop” You can let laying Players snore without any Resource Pack!! Simply rightclick on top of a Seat (Stair, Slab or Carpet) to sit there Create your own custom List of Materials a Player can sit on! Click on another Player to sit on him and stack up! (Must be enabled in the Config!)

GriefPrevention, PlotSquared & WorldGuard-Area-Support!

  Plugin-Pictures: [​IMG] [​IMG]  
/sit (/gsit) -> Sit on a Block /lay (/glay) -> Lay on a Block /bellyflop (/gbellyflop) -> BellyFlop on a Block /spin (/gspin) -> Spin on a Block /crawl (/gcrawl) -> Crawl on the ground/sit toggle/playertoggle -> Toggle the ability to rightclick Blocks or Players /gsitreload (/gsitrl) -> Reload the Plugin
=================================================================================== Permissions:
OP-Permission: GSit.* Update-Notification-Permission: GSit.Update Config-Reload-Permission: GSit.ReloadSit-Permissions (Default-Permissions marked Underlined):
  • GSit.Sit -> Use “/sit”​
  • GSit.SitClick -> Click on a Block to sit down​
  • GSit.SitToggle -> Use “/sit toggle”​
  • GSit.PlayerSit -> Click on a Player to sit on him​
  • GSit.PlayerSitToggle -> Use “/sit playertoggle”​
  • GSit.Lay -> Use “/lay”​
  • GSit.BellyFlop -> Use “/bellyflop”​
  • GSit.Spin-> Use “/spin”​
  • GSit.Crawl -> Use “/crawl”​
  • GSit.Kick.* -> Combines “GSit.Kick.Sit & GSit.Kick.Pose”​
  • GSit.Kick.Sit -> Kick a sitting Player from his location​
  • GSit.Kick.Pose -> Kick a posing Player from his location​
  • GSit.ByPass.* -> Combines “GSit.ByPass.World”​
  • GSit.ByPass.World -> Ignore the WorldBlacklist​
This Plugin supports the Minecraft-Versions: 1.13.x,1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x, 1.17.x, 1.18.x, 1.19.x

– Download Here –

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