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Litematica Mod – Minecraft Java 1.19

Guys, do you ever hear about litematica mod for Minecraft? basically, this mod provides you to make schematics from scratch manually… umm in other words when you use schematics it will automatically make big builds but in litematica these schematics will load to your game and you have to make themselves that build !! that’s cool…


Image Source – @Curseforge



Litematica is another schematic mod composed without any preparation, and it is essentially focusing on light mod loaders like LiteLoader on 1.12.x, Break on 1.13.x and Texture on 1.14+. There is likewise a Fashion rendition for 1.12.2, but not yet for 1.14.4+ (yet manufacturing ports for 1.14.4+ are additionally arranged, see underneath).
It has every one of the highlights of the old Schematica mod with the exception of the printer (which is likewise arranged), in addition to a pack more.

— Things Required To Run Mod —

  • MaLiLib library mod
  • Forge/ Fabric


— Download Links —



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