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Low Fire Texture Pack – Minecraft

Hey, guys do play Minecraft and if you get into the fire you will burn and fire will cover your whole screen which is disgusting and weird. Today we are going to see the Low on fire Resources pack For Minecraft Java Edition. By which your Minecraft vanilla fire change into the customized fire which looks too good.
  • Pack Name – Low On Fire
  • Supported Version – 1.19 to 1.8!
  • Optifine Needed – No optifine Needed !!
  • Features – Low FireOn Screen
Source – @Curseforge
✔️ When you are on fire, flames do not cover your whole screen but only a small fraction of it
✔️ Fire on the ground is unchanged unlike in other packs
  However, the fire on the ground is the same as in Minecraft vanilla there is no change in it. You can use this pack for doing PvP and many more.

Why Low Fire Resources Pack ??

  • Perfect for PvP
  • Best Experience of Regular Minecraft survival gameplay

Download Here 

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