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Small Item Texture Pack – Minecraft 1.19

Hey, Guys, this is Harshit here today I am going to give you a small item texture for Minecraft pe This pack changes the size of items while held in hand making them less obtrusive, perfect for PvP! Tiny Items is a texture pack that makes the item smaller, the smaller the items more space your screen has! , it’s 32×32 its not too big , try them and see. Made by GroundBeef



An interesting resource pack that will make weapons and items in your hands twice as smaller. This is convenient for PvP, as items will block the view less. Mini Items can be used in combination with any other resource packs. The effect of reduction is noticeable only when viewed from the first person, in all other cases, objects are displayed without changes.

There are two types of packs that a creator can make: resource packs and behavior packs. A resource pack is a folder structure that will contain all of your custom models, sounds, textures, and other custom content. This tutorial will change the color of the dirt to a bright green.


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