Best Survival Mod For Minecraft PE 1.19+

Today I am Going to show you the best survival mods for the Minecraft pocket edition which will going to work on the latest version 1.19.80, read this article carefully and comment on your favorite mod!

Auto Inventory 

Do you find it annoying when your friend runs over and grabs something you just dug up? What if you’re mining for diamonds and something falls into lava? You will receive all the stuff on the floor with this add-on, though!


Left Hand Addon 

This add-on allows the player to swap items into their off-hand by “triple crouching”.
Triple crouching is crouching quickly 3 times. This should swap the item in your main hand to your off-hand.

Dual Wielding Mod | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons


Windows UI ( Button Hider ) 

This resource pack changes the Minecraft pocket user interface to the windows user interface style. It also hides the buttons, changes the selected tooltip, and also the scrollbar. Feels like playing on a computer. This resource pack hides all the pocket interface to make it look like a Windows interface.


Disenchant Addon

This addon adds a new block to the game called the Disenchanter Table. The Disenchanter Table is a unique block that will add a whole new disenchanting mechanic to the game.


Chest Shorter

Are your chests messy and never bothered to organize them because it is too much of a task? Are you looking for an easy way to organize your items? This addon is just for you! With the new item called the Sorting Wand, you can organize your chest easily! With 1 use of this wand, your chest will turn from this.

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