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GTA 5 Elite V2 Fanmade Game – Android

Hey Guys, This is Harshit today we are going to review one of the best GTA 5 fanmade games whose name is GTA  beta. This game has high graphics. Looks like the same as GTA 5 its size is 500+ MB however if you have a high-end phone eg. a Snapdragon processor or 8GB ram you can easily use it.

Inside the game, you will see 80 percent of the Full GTA 5 map, and the traffic density is also very good and appreciatable. The developer did a very good job making this game if you want to get good fps I am recommending you use a good processor phone.

GTA 5 Android game owners who bring their characters to GTA V Android iOS will have access to special content, including rare modifications of classic vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto series, such as the Duke muscle car, Dodo seaplane and agile airship; you will also find a photo hunt and additional tests in the shooting range, new weapons and much more.

Devloper – Game On Budget

Game Size – 550MB

The Graphics are on next level this game is developed on Unity Game Engine by game on budget YouTuber . His work is for budget games . This games is free to play go and download it Also Subscribe the channel Developer

Enjoy Grand Theft Auto V Mobile (Android/iOS), the most popular open world game from Rockstar Games.

To carry out a series of daring robberies and survive in a large inhospitable city, street hunter, retired bank robber and terrifying Trevor must deal with the most dangerous and insane criminals, as well as showmen and civil servants of the West Coast.

You have never seen such landscapes of Los Santos and Blaine County! In addition to the increased draw range and higher resolution, you will also find a wide range of new gameplay innovations:

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