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Hey, Guys today I am going to tell you the best Minecraft Ultra Realistic Game made in Unreal Engine 4. This is a fanmade game which is for android and its minimum requirement is 4GB Ram This needs Only 200MB of Storage. If you guys want the best game for android this game is only for you with high graphics and high performance. It and Able to run on low to low-end phones even on high-end phones. Read this article carefully to find out.

Gaming Daily: Somebody Recreated MINECRAFT in Unreal Engine 4 — Nerdist

The story of this game is, you have to prevent your base from hostile mobs like zombies and other mobs like creepers. They can attack you in the daytime with swords and shovels. You have to defend your base by fighting with them. This is the best game with a little-good story. You will also give some blocks like Cobblestones, dirt, etc to make a small wall by which zombies don’t attack you.

To download this game and to play this you have to do is to download its apk and OBB from below after that, open archiver and extract the OBB file and paste it into android, and then OBB. All done

UnrealVoxel - blocky Minecraft-like infinite world + download - Game Development - Unreal Engine Forums


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