Minecraft Shaders 1.19

1.SERP Shaders

shaders for minecraft PE/bedrock (Android & IOS, not for Windows 10) for low, medium and high end devices. Give a beautiful view to your Minecraft world and don’t worry if your device could explode!

SERP Shaders is a specialized low, mid and high-end shader that also has several effects and visual tricks to improve the user experience. It also has a custom font without bugs, environment textures and HD water

Beta debugging screen disappears, new main screen

Beautiful sky

stability and optimization improvements,

improved textures for water, sun, moon, and clouds,

added new custom font,

added animations for water,

added bluer sky,

added new translations,

improved colors,

fixed bugs


Go to the official page of the link, go down in the publication and enter any of the available buttons. skip the shorteners and download the file. finally use the automatic installation to have it in your minecraft

2. Universal Pack

The Universal Pack (Renderdragon support) is a package of resources that makes our Minecraft a little realistic to improve the gaming experience and the best thing about it is that it does not have any type of delay in the game 100% optimized


– Day and night color


  • New grass color
  • Improved sky with more realistic clouds, sun and moon
  • Enhanced Fog
  • New Particles
  • It does not have any delay


Check out the official trailer to learn more about this shader. Also by watching this video you are helping me:


  • May be modified for personal use only.
  • It is forbidden to distribute this texture pack with modifications in the code.
  • You may not take this resource pack and publish it in your own name.
  • It is possible that this resource pack has any, if so, please report the bug to me on my Discord.
  • This resource pack is compatible with minecraft versions +1.18.30 which means that it is also compatible with (Renderdragon).



Download Serp Shaders 


Download Universal Shaders 



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