Optifine Zoom & Night Vision Mod – Minecraft

hey there it’s Harshit here and today I am going to tell you about to most demanding mods for Minecraft the night vision resources pack and the smooth optifine zoom for Minecraft pe !!

Night Vision

This add-on essentially gives you the night vision effect over and over again, resulting in infinite night vision for you and everyone in a realm! Achievements will be disabled when enabling this add-on.

This Night Vision Pack (gamma) is an add-on that gives you the night vision potion effect over and over again! It also could be referred to as full brightgamma, or brightness.

Why would I use this night vision add-on instead of writing a command myself? you may ask – This add-on gives you the night vision effect as soon as you respawn and it’ll also give the night vision effect to everybody in a realm!

Does it require cheats to be enabled? – No, the night vision effect is given by the add-on, meaning you don’t need to have cheats enabled.

Will I still receive achievements when I enable the night vision pack? Unfortunately no, however, you’re free to suggest how we could make it better.



Zoom Behavior

Do you want to zoom in on something like all of those popular youtubers? Well have I got an addon for you! Now, with this addon you can do just that!  Scroll down for more info!


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