Top 5 Java Feature Mods For Minecraft PE

Hey guys this is harshit here and welcome to another blog post today I am gonna show you best mods for Minecraft pocket edition which will turn you game into Minecraft java edition ! This is not original but yeah it will look like that and its features are awesome Read this article carefully to find out..


— Damage Indicator —

Do you want to make your Minecraft experience more of a RPG game? So, what’s missing? Damage Indicator! Yes! Some of us wanted to see the damage we deal to our enemies. This addon does the job for you.


Java Critical Hit Sound

Looking for an addon for minecraft 1.17-1.18? Do you like minecraft java mechanics but can only play minecraft bedrock? Well if so, this addon is for you!


Java combat Mod

Have you ever wanted your Bedrock experience to be closer to Java? Well if so, this addon is for you! This addon adds a combat system quite faithful to Java

Gamemode Switcher Mod

F5 Button Mod



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